We Were Today Years Old When We Learned We’d Been Doing These 10+ Things Wrong

You may have seen a lot of tweets saying “I was today when I learned X”. We’ve been writing about things you might be doing wrong for a while, but it looks like it’s back in a whole new way.

And it’s not just lifehacks and everyday things people learn. They also learn about TV shows like SpongeBob Square Pants and That ’70s Show.

  1. You’ve been using a can opener wrong.

I personally have seen people use a can opener in both of these fashions, and there’s some debate on which way is actually right. Either way, there are two ways to do it and one of them is probably wrong.

  1. Did you know the Gatorade cap fits on the bottom of some of the bottles?

We aren’t sponsored by Gatorade or anything, but I’d definitely suggest running out to the store and buying a couple bottles to see how this one goes.

  1. Raise your hand if the left side is how you’ve used a Glade air freshener your entire life.

Turns out, the right side is how we should have been doing it all along. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one doing it like this.

  1. You’ve been rubbing your chopsticks together before eating with them.

Most people rub them together to make sure there are no splinters, but if they’re good quality chopsticks, there shouldn’t be. So, if you do rub them together, you’re sending an insult to the restaurant because you think their chopsticks are cheap. Oops?!

  1. You’ve got a built-in coaster attached to your cup.

Basically, all you need to do is take the lid off of your cup and it fits perfectly underneath. This is perfect if you’re worried about your cup leaving watermarks all over your desk.

  1. This might be the most useful hack on this list.

Use your keyboard to press the keys “CTRL + SHIFT + T” all at once. You’ll notice that the last tab you exited will pop back up. This is key in my line of work!

  1. The jury might still be out on this one, but it kind of makes sense.

Apparently it varies toaster to toaster, which is probably why at home my bagel is perfect and at work it is definitely not.

  1. Keep things even.

When you reheat your food in the microwave, leave a hole in the middle of it so the microwave reheats everything evenly.

  1. This would honestly make grocery shopping so much easier.

You don’t want to crush your bread (or fave flavor of potato chips), so using these hooks is actually genius.

  1. Do you use the power button on your microwave?!

Apparently, you should. According to Reddit, using the power button evenly heats your food because it cooks longer at a lower heat. But, this can also increase the energy use, so be careful!

  1. Clean your oven properly!

I think we all know that the coils of an oven can come off for cleaning, but did you know the top can be lifted? I don’t even wanna know what’s under there. Thanks, Michelle, for this genius tip!

  1. Don’t drink cold beer or soda!

You can quickly cool down a warm drink by wrapping it in damp paper towel and putting it in the freezer. It’ll cool down before you have to worry about the glass cracking or the drink exploding.