Fashion fun facts in coronavirus pandemic life

The Corona virus pandemic has changed everyone’s work, rest and even dressing habits. The fashion world was quick to keep up with this. We collect some fun facts about coronavirus pandemic life.

In the fashion world, the models designed for the year 2020 have remained in the background. In particular, the clothes preferred in office life have almost completely lost their importance. Instead, interest in tracksuits grew.

Jahnkoy fashion designer Burkindy says, “This is a piece for the full pandemic era. For those moments when you want to wear something attractive even when you’re at home, ”he says.

Russian-American fashion designer Marusya Kazakova and her husband Burkindi opened the Jahnkoy gallery in New York during the pandemic. The style they offer is a mix of African and traditional Russian outfits with Puma’s classic sportswear.

The duo was selling their products before the Coronavirus pandemic, but their designs started to attract much more attention during the pandemic period.

“When we go out, we need to express ourselves. Everyone reflects who they are with their clothes, ”he says.

The Corona pandemic shelved formal office clothes and, of course, heels. This is likely to continue to be the case, at least in the near future.

When working from home, we focus on feeling good rather than looking stylish. Because it is enough to only see our face in the video job interviews.

Fashion designer Martina Dietrich is among the first designers to create new alternatives for clothes to suit the Corona virus pandemic process. It is important that the clothes we have worn recently are used in various environments. Dietrich, for example, shows a jacket that can also be worn with the other side.

The pandemic has also greatly increased online shopping and reduced the need to go to stores. In addition, shopping has largely ceased to be an entertainment as it was before.

BERLIN, GERMANY – JANUARY 14: A model wearing a coat by Suri x Saheli Women Collaboration, vest by Klaettermusen, hoodie by Stoffbruch, skirt by Gaya, leggings by Ambiletics, bag by Mimycri, socks by Falke and shoes & gloves & leg pieces by Vintage walks the runway at the Neonyt show during Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020 at Kraftwerk Mitte on January 14, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images for MBFW)

The most important product of the pandemic process was the mask. Masks are now the way to keep both ourselves and those around us safe. We also give a message of responsibility by wearing a mask. However, for many people, showing their faces and staying close to other people is still the most important message.

“The goal is to ensure that everyone is safe and can stand close to each other,” said COVIDISOR designer Haz Em. Instead of putting a distance of two meters, people can get close and talk without covering their faces. Almost everyone now wears masks and they cannot see each other’s faces or hear what they are saying. But when you see the facial expression of the other person, you feel much more free, ”he says.

The most prominent themes in the fashion world in 2020 were responsibility and environmental awareness, and more importantly, comfort.