15 Celebrities Who Can Completely Change Their Looks in the Blink of an Eye

Going through a complete makeover can be exciting, but also scary for most of us. Cutting and dyeing our hair, shaving our eyebrows, and experimenting with new makeup and fashion can be risky, as we can get stuck with the results for a while. But these celebs manage to pull off any look they try out, and are also fearless when it comes to drastically altering their appearance.

Joey King

Kristen Stewart

Gigi Hadid

Doja Cat

Rebel Wilson

Ireland Baldwin

Eiza González

Bella Hadid

Cara Delevingne

Alexander Skarsgård

Megan Fox

Salma Hayek

Gwen Stefani

Lady Gaga

Vanessa Hudgens

How often do you change your hairstyle? What hair colors have you tried before? What is your favorite celebrity style?