14 Actors Who Will Turn 30 in 2021 That We Still Remember as Teens

Generally, we remember TV and film actresses which we saw in these films. But they will grow up day by day. And in this post we collected some actresses and they grew up they are an adult.

14. Lucinda Dryzek

13. Spencer Locke

12. Devon Bostick

11. Shailene Woodley

10. Emma Roberts

9. Dylan O’Brien

8. Skandar Keynes

7. Thomas Mann

6. Alice Isaaz

5. Toby Regbo

4. Frank Dillane

3. Kacey Rohl

2. Evanna Lynch

  1. Bonnie Wright

The passage of time didn’t just make these people wiser — their looks changed a lot as well!

In your opinion, what are some things a person should achieve by the time they turn 30? Share your thoughts in the comments!