13 Things in a Men’s Wardrobe It’s Better to Forget Once and For All

Men’s fashion changes just as fast as women’s. But men themselves often don’t have enough time to keep up with it.

Buttondown shirt under a thin sweater

No, there’s nothing wrong with the buttondown shirt and sweater combo. It’s more about the thickness of the sweater. A thin material highlights all the folds of the shirt, and all the seams and buttons are visible. This adds bulk to the sweater and makes it look kind of shabby.

The fix:

It’s simple: just buy a thicker sweater. A shop assistant can help you find a good one in any men’s store. The most important rule is to try it on with the shirt right away to make sure they look good together and you feel comfortable.

Suits that look like “curtains”

Suits that look like they were made from tapestries, curtains, or something like that are not fashionable at all. In the past, people used to think that the “shinier” a jacket looked, the better. The same goes for shirts that can blind people with their glow. Modern fashion is all about simplicity and comfort, so having these gaudy clothes in the wardrobe won’t be necessary any time soon.

The fix:

If you don’t like black blazers for the office and you want to wear something brighter, try suits with color, like maybe in a wine or violet color.

Deep V-neck T-shirts

A huge V-neck that makes the hair on your chest visible, doesn’t always look good, unless you’re maybe a soccer star. So, we’re thankful that deep V-necks on men’s T-shirts are a thing of the past. And we should never resurrect them.

The fix:

If you are a cool, macho guy who gets really hot in the summer, you should always wear cotton T-shirts. The natural material will never make you hot, and T-shirts in this fabric look much better than synthetics.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans, that make everything visible, are not trendy anymore. They were a fleeting fad. If you have these jeans you should store them away and wait for this trend to return.

The fix:

Choose slim fit jeans which get slim from the beginning of your knees and are not tight around the legs.

Knit sportswear in the city

To begin with sportswear is clothing for sports and you can wear them in the gym at any time. However, it’s a terrible idea to wear them to go walking around the city or on a date.

The fix:

Choose side-stripe trousers or pants made of cotton. If you want to keep the sporty element in your image, search for sporty chic styles on the internet.

Cargo shorts

They were never trendy, but people still buy and wear them often. These shorts are sometimes made of noisy synthetic materials and their huge pockets make your hips look bigger. They are good for working on your house or hiking, but not for wearing around the city.

The fix:

Wearing synthetic materials in the summer is just as hot as wearing jeans. Wear flat front or pleated shorts made of natural materials in hot weather.

Leather winter coat with fur

This one’s especially true when talking about coats made of leatherette with a huge leather collar. These coats look old and cheap, and make you look a few years older and several pounds bigger.

The fix:

Take a look at the classic wool winter coat or aviator jacket with fur.

Winter coat + classic suit

The combination of classic shoes, a suit, and a sporty winter puffer coat looks ridiculous together, especially with a briefcase. This image doesn’t make you look more important, it actually does the opposite making you look silly.

The fix:

Depending on the weather, you could wear a classic coat, a trench coat, or a parka. Today aviator jackets, military coats, and oversized coats are very trendy.

Leather jacket with a lot of embellishment

Rhinestones, spikes, and lots of zippers are one of the biggest anti-trends in both men’s and women’s fashion. This is especially true for leather jackets. These jackets were very popular in the past seasons and people are getting tired of them. Maybe it’s also because women think that men wear these jackets to try to emulate bikers.

The fix:

Choose a regular leather or denim jacket in a classic or subtle color. And if you want to be super trendy, remember: in 2018, the leading trend is logomania. Look for jackets with famous brands logos. Patches are very popular too.

Belts with huge buckles

This is another anti-trend which for some reason is still alive. These buckles, which are so big you can’t miss them, are no smaller than the size of your fist, and are super shiny or embellished rhinestones, are a fashion don’t and this trend should stay out of the mainstream.

The fix:

A belt with a classic buckle without any extra details or decor.

Contrast between shoes and socks

Especially when the socks are black and the sneakers are white or vice versa. The contrast of the bright and the dark shades looks ridiculous and destroys the entire image.

The fix:

When you are wearing sneakers, choose short socks made of cotton. They don’t have to be white, just avoid a very stark contrast.

Straw hats
These hats were popular about 7 years ago and their popularity has passed. If you don’t want to throw away your favorite hat, keep it for a summer picnic near the lake.

The fix:

Baseball caps are extremely trendy now. You can wear a cap made of natural materials in hot weather.


Very short necklaces made of wood and shells are a thing of the past. But for some reason, men continue to wear them. Forget about these necklaces. The same goes for massive rings and large gold chains.

The fix:

The variety in men’s jewelry is quite huge right now: bracelets, rings, necklaces made of leather. Choose something that doesn’t look too shiny, keep it simple, and maintain your image.

What else do you think is bad enough to join this list of the anti-trends of men’s fashion? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!