13 Celebrities Who Turned From Ugly Ducklings Into Sex Symbols

Many of us admire people on glossy magazine covers. Beauty model for some, role model for others. Yet few of us realize that some have taken a long and arduous path of personal growth.

Chris Pratt
2003, 2017

In his youth, the actor believed that talent was enough to be successful. Yet later he realized he looked inappropriate, and so he did a lot of work on himself. Looking at Pratt now, one cannot say he has problems with self-confidence.

Katy Perry
1999, 2012

Katy wasn’t always pleased with her feminine body. In her teens, she dreamed of a model’s body and even wore Spanx underwear. However, over time she learned to love herself and proudly declared:

“I don’t have a Kate Moss body, but I’m very proud and happy with mine.”

David Beckham
1995, 2013

In his youth, David didn’t care much about his appearance. He was wrapped up in football and dedicated all his time and attention to it. Only when his name became known all over the world did Beckham begin working on his image, doing it solely for the sake of the show.

“In soccer, it’s important to have a good hairstyle because lots of people, lots of girls with cameras come to look at you. The success of the game depends on your appearance.”

1990, 2012

Looking at the revealing outfits in her clips and at concerts today, one wouldn’t say the singer was ashamed of her body.

Justin Timberlake
1996, 2016

“Everything for which you’re being ridiculed, everything that makes you strange in others’ eyes as a child, will lead you to success in adulthood,” Justin assures.

1998, 2008

“We always find flaws in ourselves,” Rihanna says. She confesses that she managed to believe in herself only because of success. “Previously, I would slouch, put my hands on my knees, and sit silently, embarrassed by everyone.”

Dwayne Johnson
1990, 2016

Dwayne Johnson began his journey of self-improvement from childhood. He believes that hard work on yourself is the right way to your dream.

“Perfect doesn’t exist, but you should kick your ass to reach it… This leads to success.”

Nicki Minaj
2002, 2016

In her childhood, Nicki had some complexes associated with her appearance. But when she got into show business she did a lot of work on herself. Now the singer doesn’t have problems with self-love.

Adam Levine
1996, 2016

Despite unsuccessful experiments with his image in his youth, Adam didn’t suffer from a lack of attention. The singer is constantly working on himself to be better because the female half of his audience never take their eyes off him.

Demi Moore
1970, 2010

It’s hard to believe that as a child Demi suffered from strabismus. At the start of her career, she even had to undergo 2 surgeries to fix this problem.

Kate Hudson
1993, 2016

Kate’s parents wanted their daughter to choose a more “down-to-earth” profession, perhaps because of her average appearance. But this never stopped her from following her dream of becoming an actress.

“I’m pretty comfortable with my body. I’m imperfect. The imperfections are there. People are going to see them, but we only live once!”

Kate Winslet
1985, 2016

At school, Kate was considered a fatty and was teased for it. Yet years later, she learned to accept herself as she is, and she finds advantages in everything.

“I’m a normal woman with a normal figure. I’m not going to lose weight – I have more important things to do.”

January Jones
1989, 2014

The actress and model never suffered from a lack of attention. On the contrary, despite her image as a child, she was always confident in herself. January is afraid of plastic surgery and believes that the youthfulness of the face can be preserved with the help of various tricks.