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10 Actors Whose Characters Are Doing the Same Thing in Almost Every Movie

We have re-watched some movies with famous actors and found some interesting repeating elements.

Angelina Jolie with weapons

In order to prepare for her role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie took yoga and kickboxing lessons. She was taught to handle guns by a tutor from Great Britain’s Elite Forces. Later, she used these skills in several other movies.

Matthew McConaughey’s abs

At the beginning of his acting career, Matthew McConaughey mostly starred in comedies and romantic movies. And it just so happened that he had to be shirtless in a lot of films. And even now when he does way more serious movies, he still shows his abs to the world from time to time.

Cameron Diaz in underwear

Cameron Diaz has never been the shy type. In several movies, you can see her in her underwear. Diaz was not ashamed of showing her body at the age of 20, and she still isn’t even at the age of 42.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s splits

There are only a few movies in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s filmography where he didn’t demonstrate his beautiful splits. It’s his trademark move. Even now, at the age of 58, he is in great physical shape and still does action movies.

Ryan Gosling with a cigarette

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling (who is loved by a lot of women) also has bad habits. In many movies, you can see that the characters he portrays smoke a lot. Of course, he doesn’t do it in every single movie, but if it is appropriate, you will see him smoking.

Drew Barrymore with a phone

Scream is probably the most famous movie where you can see Drew Barrymore with a phone. But if you count the number of shots in one movie where the actress speaks on the phone, the winner would be Going the Distance. Barrymore loves talking on the phone.

John Travolta dancing

When he was young, John Travolta used to dance professionally. His first more or less important role on the big screen was his part in Saturday Night Fever. In this movie, he played a guy who treated dancing on the weekend like a great rest after a really difficult work week.

After the success of that movie, he started receiving a lot of offers from different directors. They also wanted Travolta to show his dancing skills in their movies.

Edward Norton’s white tank

The most attentive people have noticed that, for some reason, Edward Norton often wears a white tank on screen. It’s not known why he does this. However, now that you’re in the know, you can watch your favorite movies with Edward and try to find the white tank. We’ve counted at least 6 of his movies, how many can you find?

Jennifer Aniston’s “look”

Back when she was doing Friends, Jennifer Aniston found her style in clothes and hair and she still follows it. It obviously looks very good on her and she is a great-looking woman. But sometimes it may be hard to be 100% sure which shot is from which movie.

Tom Cruise’s cuts

Tom Cruise’s roles kind of lend themselves to the fact that his face will be damaged after all of his character’s adventures. But attentive viewers started to notice a strange thing: the cuts are always in the same spots. Most of the time, his right cheek and his nose are hurt. The left part of his face is always left intact.

Do you have any other examples of similar things?

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